Saturday, December 30, 2006

The wonderful Jaicks family

I had an amazing time shooting this family of four girls and each of their cats. It was a perfect shoot for me! The four sisters get along so well and were such a blast to work with. Their cats were adorable and very curious about this new person exploring their home.

Jaicks 1

Jaicks 2

Jaicks 3

Jaicks 5

Jaicks 4

Jaicks 6

Jaicks 7

Jaicks 8

Jaicks 9

Jaicks 10

Jaicks 11

Jaicks 12
This kitty enjoyed hanging on people's shoulders quite a bit.

Jaicks 13

Jaicks 14

Jaicks 15

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kelly and Kevin's engagement

I had a great time with Kelly and Kevin exploring Independence Grove in the northern suburbs. It's a very popular place for weddings, but on this rare warm fall day we practically had the place to ourselves. Can't wait for the wedding!

Kelly Kevin 1
Awesome reflection opportunities here

Kelly Kevin 2
Fun with silhouettes

Kelly Kevin 3

Kelly Kevin 4
More fun with silhouettes. I love the glow on their hair from the sun.

Kelly Kevin 5

Kelly Kevin 6
Got to have a nice bling shot.

Cats in the doorway

Coming home one afternoon I ran into my neighbor who was letting her cats explore the front porch. They didn't seem to have any desire to explore the great outdoors, and barely left the steps.

cats 1

cats 2

cats 3

An afternoon in Beverly

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago with some friends recently.

Beverly 1
What's the best thing to do with a Starburst wrapper? Create a paper boat, of course.

Beverly 1
Parrots! We wandered around a park after lunch and came upon 4 bright green parrots hanging out in a tree.

Beverly 1

Beverly 1
The many faces of Jim (of Leece and Jim fame)

Beverly 1
We spent a little time on a playground in the park. It was only as we were leaving that we saw the sign that only children are allowed on the structures. Silly rules.

Beverly 1
Leece, also of Leece and Jim fame

Beverly 1