Monday, August 24, 2009

Elizabeth and Jason's wedding

What an amazing and heartfelt wedding! I just adored working with Elizabeth and Jason all day. We were at the First Unitarian Church in Hyde Park for both the ceremony and reception.

Very cool origami at the church

I love her expression here!

Elizabeth's first moment seeing herself as a bride!

Such a proud dad

And such an adoring and loving husband (to be)


The wedding party was lots of fun. Not too many serious moments with them!

For some reason they started making zombie movements

The blessing before dinner

I loved her awesome colorful flowers

They had a few cakes at the reception made by friends. This one was Dungeons and Dragons themed.

Jason wanted to honor his parents and invited them up for a special dance

Many more photos in the slideshow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A rainy night in Central Park

Ahhh.... Central Park for a fabulous orchestra concert. Too bad it had to be cut short due to rain. Lots of rain. But it made for some fun photos!

The skyline view from our spot

Also pretty in out-of-focus

Once the lightning started, security kicked people out; it was amusing to sit and watch the chaos. Until security told our group specifically to leave as well. Ruined all my fun...

The next day was beautiful!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family summer fun

Last month my dad and all his brothers were in town for my uncle's grand birthday celebration. It's always a fun time when everyone gets together!

Every time all the brothers gather, they recreate a photo that was taken of them as kids. If one of them is absent, they simply use a broom or zucchini or something as a stand-in for the missing brother.

We took a trip down to Millennium Park

cousin Seamus!

A little playtime in the park with Vandhana and her sweet dog, Shivani

Careful of that beard, Mark

Violet is done for the afternoon

Seamus is fascinated by the iPhone, especially the bubble wrap app that dad had installed

Kitty time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Audrey and Dan's wedding

Fabulous day for the wedding of Audrey and Dan!

I loved the detail of Audrey's flower on her dress

Their First Look

We stopped in at Lizzie McNeill's for a few portraits (and a little break from the hot sun)

Dan did a cute little dance as Audrey's father escorted her to the altar

I just loved this girl's expression

Awesome detail on their cake

They certainly know how to make an entrance!