Saturday, July 19, 2008

Portrait Exchange

I got together with 4 fellow wedding photographers a couple weeks back for a lovely portrait exchange! I love doing this because I get multiple subjects willing to let me experiment, and it's great to be in front of the camera so I can better understand what I'm putting my clients through. :) Once I get them I'll put up a collection of photos of me, but for now, here are my friends:





Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Emily and Ruben's wedding

Emily and Ruben were such a blast to work with! This was the first time I had worked with a bride sharing the same name, so it was a little odd at first having to ignore hearing my name most of the time. They both came over from Germany for their wedding; I was so impressed they were able to plan a wedding such a distance away!

Ruben's mother had the most beautiful smile!

Emily's very cute shoes

Gorgeous detail!

Ruben is originally from Cameroon, and his parents made all the immediate family members traditional Cameroonian clothing to wear for a small reception at the church. I also love showing their height difference here - she's up on her toes and he's still bending over significantly. Ruben wins the prize for being my tallest groom ever: 7 feet.

So cute!


I loved her flowers.

Ruben was quite the character :)

I told Emily to give me sexy feet - love it!

Ruben is a basketball player, so they had a special cake to honor that.

This kid was crawling on the floor entertaining everyone.

There was fantastic dancing at the reception!

And the slideshow... please be patient while it loads.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Kryssia and Ryan's wedding

Kryssia and Ryan were such a cute and fun couple to work with! I headed to the Country Squire in Grayslake for their wedding, where they had beautiful weather almost all day.

The little flower girl was less than amused about being there in the afternoon. Here she is watching her mom get dressed.

We were hoping for a sweet smile, but I settled for this :)

Ryan approaching for the first look

He approves! :)

Ryan and his cute little nephew

A tender ceremony moment


Checking for birdseed in ears

The beautiful Kryssia

They were so cute during their first dance

The dance floor was hopping!

I love Kryssia's expression during the bouquet toss