Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leece and Jim

A fantastic wedding! Leece and Jim are both good friends of mine, and it's so fun to see great friends happy together.

Leece Jim 1
Leece's beautiful and classic dress

Leece Jim 2
And her veil

Leece Jim 3
I loved the shoes! She also wore them outside with her dress.

Leece Jim 4
One of my favorite shots of Leece from the day.

Leece Jim 5
I was having fun with the stained glass right before the ceremony.

Leece Jim 6
The church was decked out with video cameras inside and tv screens outside; Leece and her dad are watching everyone walk in here.

Leece Jim 7
In addition to their first kiss, they did a pinky promise.

Leece Jim 8

Leece Jim 9
Jim, the handsome groom

Leece Jim 10

Leece Jim 11
What reception is complete without glow sticks?

Leece Jim 12
...and disco ball necklaces...

Leece Jim 13
...and straw hats, leis, tamborines, and clappers.

Leece Jim 14
The younger kids at the wedding were sliding across the floor throughout many of the fast songs, so toward the end of the reception the 20-something kids decided to do so as well.

For additonal photos, check out their slide show.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lesli and John

I helped my friend Brian Lee out on Lesli and John's wedding; what a great couple! They were both so thankful for everyone that was there throughout the day.

Lesli John 1
I love mirrors! John and his brother moments before we headed out to the ceremony.

Lesli John 2
The flower girl was a little bored during the ceremony and wandered over to the window for a more interesting view.

Lesli John 3
fun colors

Lesli John 4

Lesli John 6
Lesli's beautiful gown

Lesli John 7
She had fantastic expressions throughout the day.

Lesli John 8

Lesli John 9
A great dance party was had by all!

Lesli John 10

Lesli John 11

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Seamus's First Birthday

My little cousin Seamus had his first birthday party last month. Party time!

For more images, check out the slideshow.

Seamus 1
Big sister Violet adjusting her party hat.

Seamus 1
Grandma enjoying all the rockin' festivities.

Seamus 1
Birthday boy!

Seamus 1

Seamus 1
I just loved their friend Amelia's eyes.

Seamus 1
Partying with mom.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Leece and Jim's engagement

It was field trip time on Sunday for Jim and Leece's engagement session. We headed up to Wisconsin for an afternoon of apple picking; although instead of picking apples we just played in the orchard. That's close to apple picking, right?

Jim Leece 1
I loved the color of this barn.

Jim Leece 2
The rules said no climbing of the trees, so we went with the assumption that sitting in them was allowed.

Jim Leece 4

Jim Leece 5
Mmmm, apples...

Jim Leece 3
Mmmm, rotten apples...

Jim Leece 6
Showing off the bling.

Jim Leece 7

Jim Leece 8

Jim Leece 9
After we explored the orchard, we came upon this fabulous old tractor near the cars.

Jim Leece 12
With the seats of the tractor looking like this, we decided climbing inside was not the best idea.

Jim Leece 10
But sitting on the giant wheels was perfectly acceptable.

Jim Leece 11

Jim Leece 15

Jim Leece 13
Our friends Jake and Molly were also along for the field trip; they actually did pick apples.

Jim Leece 14

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Natalie and David

A great couple up in Mt. Clemens, Michigan!

Natalie David 1
Beautiful lace on Natalie's dress.

Natalie David 2
Small detail on her shoes.

Natalie David 3
The handsome gentlemen.

Natalie David 4
Fabulous rings.

Natalie David 5
So cute; and not even posed!

Natalie David 6
We had just enough time for portraits outside before the downpour.

Natalie David 7
I loved this retro-looking scene.

Natalie David 8

Natalie David 9
There was great dancing all night!

Natalie David 10
This floor made for great reflections.

Natalie David 11
I had a little fun just outside the reception hall.