Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Leece and Jim's engagement

It was field trip time on Sunday for Jim and Leece's engagement session. We headed up to Wisconsin for an afternoon of apple picking; although instead of picking apples we just played in the orchard. That's close to apple picking, right?

Jim Leece 1
I loved the color of this barn.

Jim Leece 2
The rules said no climbing of the trees, so we went with the assumption that sitting in them was allowed.

Jim Leece 4

Jim Leece 5
Mmmm, apples...

Jim Leece 3
Mmmm, rotten apples...

Jim Leece 6
Showing off the bling.

Jim Leece 7

Jim Leece 8

Jim Leece 9
After we explored the orchard, we came upon this fabulous old tractor near the cars.

Jim Leece 12
With the seats of the tractor looking like this, we decided climbing inside was not the best idea.

Jim Leece 10
But sitting on the giant wheels was perfectly acceptable.

Jim Leece 11

Jim Leece 15

Jim Leece 13
Our friends Jake and Molly were also along for the field trip; they actually did pick apples.

Jim Leece 14

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