Sunday, January 28, 2007

Walk through the woods

I came across some images I shot 2 years ago that apparently never saw the light of day (light of the monitor?). Neal and I took a walk through the woods on a cool fall day:

altamont 1
Before we headed out there were cool light streaks coming in the window.

altamont 2
The same cool light streaks after playing with some actions.

altamont 3
I love the sun lighting up these leaves.

altamont 4
And shining through Neal's ear! He puts up with me so well.

altamont 5

altamont 6

Friday, January 26, 2007

Playing with actions

Another great find in the depths of my hard drive were photos from my aunt's baby shower when she was pregnant with my now-16-month-old cousin. I purchased some pretty darn cool actions from Boutwell Studio today, so I tried them out here.

shower 1

shower 2

shower 3

shower 4

shower 5

shower 6

shower 7

shower 8

An afternoon with the Roths

I've been going through various hard drives this week and came upon some photos I took at my friend Ron's parents' house last summer. I took more close-ups of the food than anything else.

Roth 1

Roth 2

Roth 3

Roth 4

Roth 5

Roth 6

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rudy, Corey, and Kelly

More time with animals! This time I was doing some digital work for a studio for a couple days. Rudy the fabulous dog was with us for one day. As you can tell, she's quite the fierce watch dog. The next days we had "the boys": Corey and Kelly, a pair of Norwegian Forest cat brothers.

animals 1

animals 2

animals 3

animals 4

animals 5

animals 6

animals 7

animals 8

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Grandma's birthday

We celebrated grandma's birthday this past weekend; happy birthday to Grandma! This, of course, translates into more photos of my two little cousins.

Grandma 1
But first, a lovely portrait of the birthday girl

Grandma 2

Grandma 3
Seamus, through Neal

Grandma 4
Seamus by window

Grandma 5
Seamus walking! I believe these were first solo steps. Go Seamus!

Grandma 6
Violet trying to hide from me

Grandma 7
Violet in her usual joyful mood

Grandma 8
Violet in the midst of partial-peek-a-boo

Grandma 9
Somehow Violet convinced Neal that it was a good idea to hoist her up on his leg. If anyone's looking for a great workout, grab the nearest 5 year old and do leg lifts.

Shooting around the house

I bought a new camera and lens recently (yay!) and was playing around the house with it.

5d 1
It was play time for the bunny.

5d 2
Check out that select focus on his eyes. I love this new lens!

5d 3
He really wasn't as terrified as he appears here, I promise.

5d 4
Fun with blinds

5d 5
Fun with plant and shadow

5d 6
Fun with reflection and self portrait

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wandering in the rain

A drizzly evening last week created some great opportunities for photos.

Rain 1
I love the blue light hitting the branch.

Rain 2

Rain 3

Rain 4

Rain 5

Rain 6

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007!

A grand celebration for ringing in 2007! My friend Jake hosted a tasty lasagna dinner at his place.

2007 1
Jake had a fabulous martini glass with a light-up stem.

2007 2
A view from above

2007 3
And again

2007 4

2007 5

2007 6

2007 7
Neal, through the crowd

2007 9
The always-essential corkscrew

2007 10
The next morning (it's still morning at 2pm, right?) we headed to brunch at a local diner. Ryan wasn't wearing his contacts, so he would shoot everything in front of him in order to see what was around.

2007 11

2007 12

2007 13

2007 14

2007 15

2007 16
Another rendition of "The Many Faces of Jim"