Monday, January 01, 2007

Animal Welfare Society

I did a bit of volunteer work while visiting my family in Maine over the Christmas week: I headed to a local animal shelter to do portraits of all the animals for their adoption pages on their site. It was so much fun! There were so many animals I wanted to bring home with me. My mom volunteers for this shelter fostering mother cats and their kittens until they're ready to be adopted. If anyone in Maine is looking to adopt an animal, this is a really great shelter!
Animal Welfare Society

aws 1

aws 2
This little one I wanted to take home with me. Every time I'd bend down to photograph another cat, she'd walk right in front of my camera, purring as loudly as possible.

aws 3
I loved the coat on this one; it looked like a stuffed animal.

aws 4

aws 5
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bruno.

aws 6
This little girl was visiting the cats with her parents.

aws 7
My mom was my animal wrangler for the day; she was able to calm this dog down quite well.

aws 8

aws 9
This one was quite intrigued with my camera.

aws 10
Along with cats and dogs, the shelter had quite a few small animals, such as this fabulous rabbit.

aws 11

aws 12
A cute little hamster yawning.

aws 13
The rats were also quite adorable.

You can view the entire set here.

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