Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I visited my sister in her new hometown of Houlton, Maine right before Christmas. Where is Houlton, you ask? Follow highway 95 all the way north; if you've reached customs you've gone 2 minutes too far. She just started her first job there as a 5 - 12 music teacher, so I followed her around a bit in her schools.

Houlton 1
Becca with her 7th and 8th grade chorus

Houlton 2
An attentive chorus member

Houlton 3
Between school assemblies I wandered downtown to the water.

Houlton 4
I was amused by every kid in the front row wearing jeans and sneakers.

Houlton 5
An excited audience member at the 4th - 6th grade assembly

Houlton 6
The start of the annual teachers' rendition of "Twelve Days of Christmas"; can you be taken as seriously with antlers on your head?

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