Thursday, January 11, 2007

Grandma's birthday

We celebrated grandma's birthday this past weekend; happy birthday to Grandma! This, of course, translates into more photos of my two little cousins.

Grandma 1
But first, a lovely portrait of the birthday girl

Grandma 2

Grandma 3
Seamus, through Neal

Grandma 4
Seamus by window

Grandma 5
Seamus walking! I believe these were first solo steps. Go Seamus!

Grandma 6
Violet trying to hide from me

Grandma 7
Violet in her usual joyful mood

Grandma 8
Violet in the midst of partial-peek-a-boo

Grandma 9
Somehow Violet convinced Neal that it was a good idea to hoist her up on his leg. If anyone's looking for a great workout, grab the nearest 5 year old and do leg lifts.

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Emily said...

Hi, I'm an aspiring photographer and I've been looking around on google for some photography blogs. I like looking at other peoples' work and learn new techniques and stuff.

I enjoyed looking at your photos, especially the animal ones. :) Animals are really hard for me...
But you also capture the essence of people very well too.