Monday, February 26, 2007

Make Light Real

Another catch-up post here. Over a month ago I attended a workshop by the great Neil Cowley, Make Light Real. It was awesome getting new ideas and perspectives on lighting, and then to try some of it out on the other participants.

I first grabbed Oscar to try out a few techniques.



Brenna kindly posed for me

We also had Nancy, our model for the afternoon

The great Neil

Lucinda's house

Last weekend Neal and I had a lovely breakfast with our friend Lucinda. She was heading off to Tanzania for a few months to study her frogs, so we wanted to get a visit in. Lucinda is vegan and one of the best cooks I know; there's always very tasty and interesting food when she's cooking. Yum!

Turtle 1
There is also the bonus of her incredibly adorable cat, Turtle. She's quite the patient model.

Turtle 2
Lucinda's roommate's dog, Kakei, is not quite the patient model. The was the only photo I was able to get of her. She's terrified of cameras and ran away every time I took mine out. But she's a really cute fluff-ball of a dog.

Turtle 3
I saw the stuffed turtle sitting on Lucinda's bed; how could I resist?

Turtle 4
Lucinda had an awesome apron that her sister had made; I loved the colors.

Turtle 5
Apron and Lucinda

Turtle 6
She always has really cool jewelry on.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cabo: Day 5

Final day in Cabo! Most of the day was spent traveling, but I walked around shopping for a short bit before I left for the airport. I had such a great time, but it's always nice to come home again. And now we have snow here!

Cabo 2

Cabo 2

Cabo 2

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cabo: Day 4

Day 4 was a mixture of shooting around the hotel and downtown.

Cabo 1
Beautiful light coming in the hallway of our hotel

Cabo 2
Street musicians in downtown Cabo

Cabo 3
More portraits of other Xtreme participants! Here's Abby against an awesome blue wall.

Cabo 4
I was trying to get some nice portraits of Ashley, but this little kid REALLY wanted to be in the photo.

Cabo 5
We later met up with others downtown to work with more models. We were in a vacant bar for this one (I don't think it was actually open yet).

Cabo 6
Floating around downtown with Lola

Cabo 7
Love those eyes!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cabo: Day 3

Day 3 was my first trip to downtown Cabo for some exploring. I headed there with 3 new friends: Erin, Coz, and Barbara. We had set out to do a scavenger hunt that Jessica and Liana had suggested we try. We decided to pool our resources and do the scavenger hunt together; it paid off since we won at the end of the week! I'm not sure anyone else did the whole hunt, but that's beside the point... We each won some fabulous Xtreme! pants to take home.

Cabo 1
The classic "photographer shooting photographer shooting photographer" shot

Cabo 2
There were so many fabulous colors in the city we couldn't pass up!

Cabo 3
and great doorways and entrances

Cabo 4
I've always been a fan of sun flares and silhouettes, so it's fun to combine them.

Cabo 5
Lots of interesting textures

Cabo 6

Cabo 7
This guy was watching me shoot the water, so naturally I had to shoot him.

Cabo 8
We wandered through the aquarium (which only had dolphins), and they had these awesome windows that we all played with.

Cabo 9

Cabo 10
Water from the dolphin pool

Cabo 11
Barbara had a lensbaby we all played with. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's a plastic, bendy lens that's really hard to focus but helps to create interesting results.

Cabo 12
A fabulous sky!

Cabo 13
Once we were back at the seminar house, I continued portraits with Erica.

Cabo 14
A beautiful sunset to finish the night!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cabo: Day 2

Day 2! I had a very weak internet connection all week and it was a challenge to keep up. Day 2 was mostly spent shooting our amazing models with Jessica and Liana. They had asked 2 married couples (all of whom are photographers – and gorgeous) to model for us all week. I was amazed at their stamina; up to 30 photographers shooting them at one time, being pulled in many directions, rarely taking breaks...

Cabo 1
Kristen, peaking around as her husband Steve was being shot

Cabo 2
Kristen, flirting with Steve

Cabo 3
Kristen and Steve rolling around in the water. I thought poor Kristen was going to freeze to death; she was shivering so much after the water.

Cabo 4
The lovely Jasmine and JD

Cabo 5

Cabo 6

Cabo 7
They were also persuaded to roll around in the sand and water.

Cabo 8
My favorite of the day

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cabo: Day 1

I'm in Cabo, Mexico now! It's quite a change from the sub-zero weather I left in Chicago Monday morning. I'm here for an awesome wedding photography seminar/conference/workshop: Xtreme Photography, headed by the fabulous Jessica Claire and Liana Lehman. Day 1 was spent gathering everyone at the airport, finding the hotel, and wandering around our resort. I only shot a little as I wandered.

Cabo 1
The fountain right by the main entrance

Cabo 2
A few lights by the bar

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jamie and Mike

What a great wedding last Saturday! Jamie and Mike were such fun and a fantastic couple to work with. They also had really awesome friends in their wedding party. It was REALLY cold that day, and they all agreed to be outside in front of the Wrigley Field sign in the huge gusts of wind and sub-zero (or at least felt like it) weather. Fastest portrait session ever...

Jamie Mike 1
Very elegant and simple shoes.

Jamie Mike 2

Jamie Mike 3
More shoes! With the dress in the background

Jamie Mike 4
Jamie checking out her makeup

Jamie Mike 5
A view from above as her dress is being adjusted.

Jamie Mike 6
So cute!

Jamie Mike 7
Fun with silhouettes

Jamie Mike 8
The detail in the church was beautiful.

Jamie Mike 9
The kids weren't always facing the action during the ceremony.

Jamie Mike 10
Part of our 15 second portrait session

Jamie Mike 11
This little guy was settling right in to watch the first dance.

Jamie Mike 12
The caterer made Jamie her own mini glutton-free cake; it was adorable!