Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cabo: Day 4

Day 4 was a mixture of shooting around the hotel and downtown.

Cabo 1
Beautiful light coming in the hallway of our hotel

Cabo 2
Street musicians in downtown Cabo

Cabo 3
More portraits of other Xtreme participants! Here's Abby against an awesome blue wall.

Cabo 4
I was trying to get some nice portraits of Ashley, but this little kid REALLY wanted to be in the photo.

Cabo 5
We later met up with others downtown to work with more models. We were in a vacant bar for this one (I don't think it was actually open yet).

Cabo 6
Floating around downtown with Lola

Cabo 7
Love those eyes!


stephanie deveau said...

Love it Emily! You got some great shots of the feel of Cabo! I can feel the breeze and taste the margaritas already!

Coz Swifka said...

Awesome Emily!!! I had a blast with you and the girls...I will have to post some of mine too. Can't wait til we meet up again..
Until then...