Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cabo: Day 3

Day 3 was my first trip to downtown Cabo for some exploring. I headed there with 3 new friends: Erin, Coz, and Barbara. We had set out to do a scavenger hunt that Jessica and Liana had suggested we try. We decided to pool our resources and do the scavenger hunt together; it paid off since we won at the end of the week! I'm not sure anyone else did the whole hunt, but that's beside the point... We each won some fabulous Xtreme! pants to take home.

Cabo 1
The classic "photographer shooting photographer shooting photographer" shot

Cabo 2
There were so many fabulous colors in the city we couldn't pass up!

Cabo 3
and great doorways and entrances

Cabo 4
I've always been a fan of sun flares and silhouettes, so it's fun to combine them.

Cabo 5
Lots of interesting textures

Cabo 6

Cabo 7
This guy was watching me shoot the water, so naturally I had to shoot him.

Cabo 8
We wandered through the aquarium (which only had dolphins), and they had these awesome windows that we all played with.

Cabo 9

Cabo 10
Water from the dolphin pool

Cabo 11
Barbara had a lensbaby we all played with. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's a plastic, bendy lens that's really hard to focus but helps to create interesting results.

Cabo 12
A fabulous sky!

Cabo 13
Once we were back at the seminar house, I continued portraits with Erica.

Cabo 14
A beautiful sunset to finish the night!


Todd said...

Found your site with the random blog button. Very nice photos!

erin kate said...

those are so great! i'm so glad i met you. and i'm so glad well all went to town that day!

my eyeball is still a little scary though...

Barbara Hernandez said...

It was great meeting you at Cabo, you have an awesome eye for details. I am inspired. I had such a great time with you girls downtown. I'm so glad we did the scavenger hunt!! Keep up the amazing work and congrats!