Monday, February 26, 2007

Lucinda's house

Last weekend Neal and I had a lovely breakfast with our friend Lucinda. She was heading off to Tanzania for a few months to study her frogs, so we wanted to get a visit in. Lucinda is vegan and one of the best cooks I know; there's always very tasty and interesting food when she's cooking. Yum!

Turtle 1
There is also the bonus of her incredibly adorable cat, Turtle. She's quite the patient model.

Turtle 2
Lucinda's roommate's dog, Kakei, is not quite the patient model. The was the only photo I was able to get of her. She's terrified of cameras and ran away every time I took mine out. But she's a really cute fluff-ball of a dog.

Turtle 3
I saw the stuffed turtle sitting on Lucinda's bed; how could I resist?

Turtle 4
Lucinda had an awesome apron that her sister had made; I loved the colors.

Turtle 5
Apron and Lucinda

Turtle 6
She always has really cool jewelry on.

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Reverse Barometer said...

What great photos! I just started a cat-focused blog and put up a post yesterday about cats as models. Then I found Turtle today: what an adorable critter. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog.