Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cabo: Day 2

Day 2! I had a very weak internet connection all week and it was a challenge to keep up. Day 2 was mostly spent shooting our amazing models with Jessica and Liana. They had asked 2 married couples (all of whom are photographers – and gorgeous) to model for us all week. I was amazed at their stamina; up to 30 photographers shooting them at one time, being pulled in many directions, rarely taking breaks...

Cabo 1
Kristen, peaking around as her husband Steve was being shot

Cabo 2
Kristen, flirting with Steve

Cabo 3
Kristen and Steve rolling around in the water. I thought poor Kristen was going to freeze to death; she was shivering so much after the water.

Cabo 4
The lovely Jasmine and JD

Cabo 5

Cabo 6

Cabo 7
They were also persuaded to roll around in the sand and water.

Cabo 8
My favorite of the day


Angela said...

The water may have been chilly, but that photo is HOT!

Jasmine said...

Woohoo...I made the blog!! :)