Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jamie and Mike

What a great wedding last Saturday! Jamie and Mike were such fun and a fantastic couple to work with. They also had really awesome friends in their wedding party. It was REALLY cold that day, and they all agreed to be outside in front of the Wrigley Field sign in the huge gusts of wind and sub-zero (or at least felt like it) weather. Fastest portrait session ever...

Jamie Mike 1
Very elegant and simple shoes.

Jamie Mike 2

Jamie Mike 3
More shoes! With the dress in the background

Jamie Mike 4
Jamie checking out her makeup

Jamie Mike 5
A view from above as her dress is being adjusted.

Jamie Mike 6
So cute!

Jamie Mike 7
Fun with silhouettes

Jamie Mike 8
The detail in the church was beautiful.

Jamie Mike 9
The kids weren't always facing the action during the ceremony.

Jamie Mike 10
Part of our 15 second portrait session

Jamie Mike 11
This little guy was settling right in to watch the first dance.

Jamie Mike 12
The caterer made Jamie her own mini glutton-free cake; it was adorable!

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