Monday, August 24, 2009

Elizabeth and Jason's wedding

What an amazing and heartfelt wedding! I just adored working with Elizabeth and Jason all day. We were at the First Unitarian Church in Hyde Park for both the ceremony and reception.

Very cool origami at the church

I love her expression here!

Elizabeth's first moment seeing herself as a bride!

Such a proud dad

And such an adoring and loving husband (to be)


The wedding party was lots of fun. Not too many serious moments with them!

For some reason they started making zombie movements

The blessing before dinner

I loved her awesome colorful flowers

They had a few cakes at the reception made by friends. This one was Dungeons and Dragons themed.

Jason wanted to honor his parents and invited them up for a special dance

Many more photos in the slideshow!


Latharia said...

Absolutely outstanding work, Emily! :) A wonderful tribute to Jason & Elizabeth, and definitely a true reflection of the day. Glad you found us wedding party folk more amusing than annoying. :D Or at least I hope you did!

Jessica said...


Tiffany Rushforth Photography said...

sooooooooooooo amazing!

ABGiallom said...

beautiful job! love the colors here! :)