Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Magnificent Four Bettys!

I had the great honor of photographing the super-awesome Four Bettys last weekend. Who are the Four Bettys, you ask? They are Joan, Lynda, Heather, and Cori, the current Sweet Adeline (women's barbershop) International Quartet Champions, of course! Beyond being absolutely amazing singers and performers, they're a blast to hang out with, and were up for anything.

They spontaneously went into a group hug - love it!

Shooting under bridges is great; I just had to move out of the road each time a car came :)

Climbing the pillars at a local church

The reason for the timing of the shoot: this is the giant trophy with the past 7 winners of the quartet competition, and they were due to send it back the next day!

I loved their red heels!

Thanks ladies for an awesome shoot!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Kristen and Ian's engagement

Hooray for more fun engagement sessions! We did our best to avoid the rain this day, and it worked for a tiny bit. Luckily the downpours didn't stop us from having fun!

I love having my couples dance and twirl around for me. Even if they're not too comfortable doing so, it at least gets them laughing!

This little doorway made them feel like they were in Alice in Wonderland

Then the rain came! What better thing to do during the rain than to wade in water? Too bad the security guard tossed us out shortly after. Grr..

We found shelter in the Cultural Center, a building I've always loved.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meghan and Ryan's engagement

I met up with Meghan and Ryan on a very lovely (and windy!) evening for a fun portrait session. Thanks so much for braving the wind!

I love the out of control hair from the wind

Got to show off Meghan's beautiful ring

Practicing some dance moves

Late afternoon sun is awesome