Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Holly and Liam's wedding

Holly and Liam's wedding rocked! Holly is a cousin that I hadn't met until we started talking about her wedding photography; she's the youngest of 5, so I had lots of cousins to meet!

To see more photos, check out their slide show.

Holly Liam 1
I loved these shoes the flower girl wore as she was getting all dolled up.

Holly Liam 2
There was gorgeous lighting in this salon.

Holly Liam 3
Stunning ring!

Holly Liam 4

Holly Liam 5
Holly's mom couldn't believe the baby of the family was getting married!

Holly Liam 6
Gorgeous flowers by Erin Barrett!

Holly Liam 7

Holly Liam 8
Holly was absolutely adorable.

Holly Liam 9

Holly Liam 10

Holly Liam 11

Holly Liam 12
One of my favorite images shot by my second shooter, Kelly Cubbin. Liam's dad is a member of the Shannon Rovers (Irish Pipe Band) and they came to perform during the reception. What a great time! I probably lost some hearing after the performance (note to self: don't spend 30 minutes straight inside a circle of bagpipers and drummers). Both families are Irish, and many guests jumped in to play the bagpipes and drums (including Liam's dad, mom, brother, and Liam himself). There were also quite a few accomplished Irish stepdancers who entered the circle for a few songs.

Holly Liam 13
The dance floor was filled the entire night!

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