Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cutest measuring cups ever

What would we do without Ebay? I was in need of a set of measuring cups a few weeks ago and instead of buying some nice traditional silver ones I explored the depths of ebay to see what folks were selling. What I found is now my new favorite item in my kitchen.

The cups all have little colored bees for handles! (we're looking at them upside down)
cups 1

So darn cute
cups 1

And when stacked together, they form a beehive! What more could you want in a set of measuring cups?
cups 1

cups 1

cups 1

cups 1

I'm currently waiting on my rooster and sunflower measuring spoons :)


Karen said...

I love it! Too cute. :)

erin kate said...

so cute! are they vintage?

Barbara M Hernandez said...

I'm jealous. Never seen anything like that before! Sooo cute...and it's official, you should add product photography to your portfolio.