Monday, April 28, 2008

The cousins

A few more cute cousin photos from a recent outing to grandma's!

This one cracks me up. My cousins are awsome :)

A serious moment with Seamus

Uncle Jim walking the kids to the car. Seamus felt the need to use grandma's cane to get there.

Three cheers for brunch!


curt said...

Hi Emily, your photos are so fantastically clear and perfect. I jumped to your web pages from Life Less Plastic and I am going to spend some more quality time here, today. I have to be missing something important in my life. I simply don't know, how to make a good photo. I've been living in some of the most special places, but haven't been able to 'memorize' them through photography. Thanks for sharing!

erin kate said...

love the first one!

Miguel Mayo said...

I love the first shoot, they are so funny, Thanks for sharing!