Friday, September 19, 2008

Unicycle fun

At our family gathering in Maine in July, my brother brought along his unicycle. Along with exercising, he attempted to teach us all how to ride. We all failed miserably of course (definitely not something you can learn in an afternoon), but it was fun trying!

Christon showing off for us

This looks like he was running jovially toward the woods with his unicycle, but really he had just fallen off :)

Grrrr... Unicycle Man!

Becca giving it a go. We used dad's car as support quite a bit.

Dad catching mom before she tumbled to the ground

Hooray! She's up!


Uni said...

Great pictures!!

They tell it is not easy to learn to ride. It took me half a year to learn, but since I have hardly been of it. It is a great thrill and so much worth the effort.

Angela said...

How fun! Now where are the photos of YOU falling off? :)