Monday, November 24, 2008

KC and Feanil's engagement celebration

KC and Feanil had a fabulous engagement ceremony and party! Lots of color, lots of people, and lots of glitter and sparkle. KC has been writing about her experiences of marrying into an Indian family for the past few months, which is quite an interesting read: Bahu Boot Camp; Intercultural Wedding Adventures

I loved all the details of KC's outfit and jewelry.

They're so cute together!

These hearts had been painted on the pavement just outside the location, and they requested a shot with them.

A moment during the ceremony: KC and her parents' hands

rice being given to KC

Just after the rings exchange

There were many cute little kids at the party

Dancing time!

These guys were lifting Feanil's mom up on their shoulders

So much color and movement! I loved it.

Slideshow! It's slow to load, so please be patient.


PrincessMax said...

Gorgeous. I'm always so impressed by the moments you catch as the guests watch. Plus, you know, there's a picture of me!

Angela said...

These are so lovely! I wish I could have been there, so I'm glad you captured it so beautifully. Congrats to KC and Feanil!

Shay Feeney Photography said...

Really lovely, Emily. I love the colors and all the emotion captured.

bengaliwife said...

What beautiful photographs. They really seem to capture your happiness.

Pragya said...

i have seen loads of such pics.. but these are simply THE BEST!! precious pics :) i wish i could invite you to india for my wedding pics.