Saturday, December 27, 2008


Catch-up time! I went out to Colorado back in September to visit a few friends from college who had been inviting me out for years. I spent most of the time in Boulder, and it's beautiful there!

My friend Mike and I hung out in the downtown area of Boulder, and I couldn't resist shooting this!

I was enjoying various textures and colors

Mike doing work at home

Mike asked me to shoot a formal portrait for his business, so he got all fancied up for me!

I did manage to see some wildlife while exploring

Awww... random couple we saw out on our journeys

We had fun balancing my camera on a rock for this

Look at how high up we were!


Angela said...

Lovely! For a second I thought Mike was wearing a tie in the last photo, but I knew this was a trick because they don't sell ties at REI. :)

erin kate said...

these are great! i went to college in colorado and use to eat at old chicago all the time!