Saturday, March 28, 2009


Anna was a blast to photograph for her senior session! We played inside and outside her house for the afternoon.

This giant comfy chair was fabulous!

Sweet! I thought she looked like a young Helen Hunt here.

Tons of laughter from Anna!


I couldn't decide which of the following two I liked better. We have the classic beauty one...

...and the classic beauty with added funky lens flare

We spent quite a while on this balcony; what a great vantage point!

Back to the awesome giant chair

Loved the light streaming through the window!

Lensbaby fun!

Thanks so much for an awesome afternoon, Anna!


Anonymous said...

they look great Em!
you rock. haha
thanks!! :))

Tiffany Rushforth Photography said...

Love these Emily!
You totally rocked the sun flare in that shot!

Anonymous said...

Anna, you are beautiful and Emily's incredible photography made it go POW!! Took it to another level! Great pics!! Emily, you are a superstar as far as I'm concerned.
Dawn Peters

erin kate said...

I bet she loves these! Love the lighting!

Anonymous said...

Anna, you look amazing. Emily, your photography is always stunning. Anna, STOP growing up!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great combination: a stunning model and a fabulous photographer! These are wonderful, Emily! And Anna, you are so beautiful!!!! Sybil

Angela said...

GREAT, great shots! If only I had such amazing senior portraits!

beckihine said...

These are beautiful, Anna! You are a talented young woman with a great future ahead of you! And wow, great photography!