Thursday, October 29, 2009


So over the summer I took a great trip to Europe to visit some friends... and I'm finally getting around to dealing with the photos.
Here are the Paris ones! I visited my friend Karl who had just moved to Paris the year prior.

Couldn't resist taking some sort of Eiffel Tower one

One of my favorite outings: the Catacombs. There are signs all over saying to not use flash at all (which people ignored...), but my little video lights came in handy!

How could I resist putting Karl in a shot?

A little fun with a carousel

I loved the decorations of this restaurant

Cheese fondue was a must!

Mmmm... creme brulee


Karen said...

The catacombs look so creepy! The photos are perfectly timed for Halloween. :) I MUST go to Paris sometime...

Nicci said...

These are fantastic, Emily! I really love the carousel.

Angela said...

I loved the catacombs too, though your photos turned out so much better than anything I could achieve. :) Great shots!