Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The final installment of my Europe trip from this past summer! I traveled with Angela to Edinburgh to visit a college friend, Michelle.

Portraits in the city center were necessary

This demonstration at the castle was quite amusing

Greyfriars Bobby, the faithful dog who would come to his owner's grave for 14 years after his death

Hamish the Highland Cow!

We took a tour up to Loch Ness and stopped a few times along the way for some sight seeing

We took a ghost tour through downtown Edinburgh. This is our tour guide leading us to our next haunted destination

After the ghost tour we took a very leisurely walk back, stopping many times along the way for some night photography

No trip to Scotland is complete without a shot of a bagpiper

2 comments: said...

gorgeous! i love the pic of the buffalo looking thing...

KC said...

The dog is such a cute story. It's amazing that they put up a statue of him!