Monday, February 23, 2009

Christy and Brett's wedding

I had a great time with Christy and Brett and their family and friends for this spectacular Valentine's Day wedding! We lucked out with decent weather, so we were able to play outside a bunch.

Brett's twin nieces (the flower girls), were quite enthralled with Christy as she was getting into her gown.

A nice moment with all of Christy's girls helping her

One of my favorite moments of the ceremony came when the priest said "I'm sure every man here is jealous of Brett. Not just because he's marrying this beautiful woman, but because he'll never forget his anniversary for as long as he lives". I hadn't thought of that plus, choosing Valentine's Day as your wedding day.

Hooray! We're married!

A note to photographers: it's handy to have a dance background so you can show the groom how to safely dip his bride :)

Love the drama in this one

We spent a while in the middle of the street in front of the Board of Trade. I love this downtown view!

This pretty much summed up the day: everyone was so happy and full of life all day. It makes my job easy!

We ventured to the downtown train platforms for some fun times

We only rode the train for one stop, so we had about 30 seconds to cram everyone in here (there may be some passengers hiding amongst the wedding party... not everyone had time to move!)

I can't recall whose idea this was, but I love it. They asked this fellow passenger to sit on the bench with them and pretend to be annoyed. She was laughing too much to actually be annoyed, but I enjoy the shot anyway.

This was probably the best part of the whole day. We started with just a simple portrait of the wedding party at The Bean (Cloud Gate), and then they decided to invite all the onlookers to join them in a photo...

It was just incredible watching this mass of people run, scream, and laugh their way into this photo. I loved it! This moment reminded me of a brief clip in the video from at 0:57 you see hordes of people running into the shot at this same spot.

Mmmm.. cake

Their first dance

And for more photo fun, watch the slideshow!


Monica Z. said...

I LOOOOOVE what you did with the lighting on the cake shot!

SnapshotsbyClare said...

What great fun shots Em~ I love them! I love the group shots!

JWCfotos said...

ohhh, the street shots are way fun!