Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A trip to Ithaca

Over the summer I took a weekend and met up with my friend Mike in Ithaca, NY. We spent four wonderful years there for college, and it was time to return.

A trip to Buttermilk Falls was in order
buttermilk falls ithaca ny

buttermilk falls ithaca ny leaf

ithaca ny trees swirl

Our trip to the falls was cut short with the massive rain storm. But it made for a cool photo!
ithaca ny rain downpour

ithaca ny dried leaf

I was in a portrait mood that weekend, so Mike got to play subject.
ithaca ny buttermilk falls rocks portrait man

He wasn't always thrilled by this.
ithaca ny buttermilk falls rocks portrait man

We wandered through the halls at our alma mater (Ithaca College) and came upon this fabulous skylight.
ithaca college skylight portrait

cornell ithaca ny fence portrait

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