Thursday, November 09, 2006

Joanna and Matt

I flew down to DC for Joanna and Matt's wedding last month. The elegant reception was held on a boat cruise; I loved the idea! I had forgotten that I have a tendency to sea-sickness (no tragedies, though).

Joanna Matt 1
I got to combine two of my favorite subjects: weddings and cats! Joanna had two fabulous cats at the condo that loved to hang around while the girls were getting ready.

Joanna Matt 2

Joanna Matt 3

Joanna Matt 4

Joanna Matt 5
Joanna's dad was so cute throughout the day.

Joanna Matt 6

Joanna Matt 7
The lights on the boat were so pretty with the reflections.

Joanna Matt 8

Joanna Matt 9
More fun with reflections on the boat.

Joanna Matt 10
I love this dancing shot!

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