Thursday, November 09, 2006

Natacha and Paul

A great wedding with Natacha and Paul! It was held at the beautiful Holy Family Parish in Chicago, and the reception at Green Dolphin Street. Great locations!

Natacha Paul 1
I can't resist a sun-glare-through-veil opportunity.

Natacha Paul 2
Paul and Natacha in Millennium Park

Natacha Paul 3

Natacha Paul 4

Natacha Paul 5
I loved the ribbon design on their cake.

Natacha Paul 6
The rain on the windows was pretty cool, too.

Natacha Paul 7
Natacha and her dad put on quite a show for their first dance.

Natacha Paul 8
And then both her parents hit the dance floor for their own performance.

Natacha Paul 9

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