Monday, November 20, 2006

Surprise party in Maine

Last weekend my siblings and I headed back east to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. Unbeknownst to him, there were also about 35 others waiting to celebrate with him! Most were local friends from work or church, but we also snuck in my Grandma, aunt, uncle, and two cousins from out of state. Along with the party, we also surprised him with a musical guest: The University of Southern Maine Chamber singers. My sister Becca was a member while she was a student and dad was always a big fan; he and my mom even went to Europe on one of their tours. It was a beautiful concert!

Maine 2
Dad's reaction when entering the church hall with my mom and brother. He had been out bike shopping with my brother while the rest of us were decorating and baking in time for the big event.

Maine 3
And here's when he spotted me with the camera.

Maine 4
My lovely sister Janna enjoying the party.

Maine 5
Baby Sebastian hanging out with all the grown-ups.

Maine 6

Maine 7
The birthday dad.

Maine 8
My sister Becca.

Maine 9
The brother Christon.

Maine 10
Janna again.

Maine 11
Details of the brother.

Maine 12
Many hours after the party all the family members headed back to the house for a grand meal. Here's my Aunt Deborah in from New York.

Maine 13
Ivan the cat helping Christon on the computer.

Maine 14
Ivan the cat resting on Becca and her boyfriend Jordan.

Maine 15
Zoe in one of her favorite spots: a shelf above the home computer.

Maine 16
This is Surry, a pregnant foster cat from the Animal Welfare Society. My mom is fostering her until her kittens are born and are big enough to be adopted. She spent much time in her room staring longingly out the window.

If you'd like to see the whole batch from the weekend, go here!

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