Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A fine art day

This past weekend I ventured out to Moraine Valley Community College to see Neal in his dance troupe performance. Much fun! No photos were allowed during the performance, but I did explore the campus before the show.

Moraine 1
This was taken before I left my house. It's a little mouse made of various metal pieces that was a gift from my grandma. It's so adorable and deserves blog presence.

Moraine 2

Moraine 3
Now on to Moraine Valley: a sculpture on the campus.

Moraine 4

Moraine 5
This is actually a tree branch against a pretty blue sky, but I was playing with colors and really liked the bright orange.

Moraine 6
Crawling around on the (very cold) pavement near a puddle

Moraine 7
Same puddle

Moraine 8
Inside the Fine and Performing Arts Building

Moraine 9

Moraine 10
I was drawn to this gumball machine; the building housing it was locked, so I played around with reflections through the glass.

Moraine 11

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