Saturday, March 31, 2007

A sisterly visit: photo shoot

I brought Janna and Holmes into the studio I used to work at to use their awesome space.

Janna 1

Janna 2

Janna 3
Janna's dreads are cool.

Janna 4
She could hurt someone with those.

Janna 5
This photo concept was all Holmes.

Janna 6

Janna 7
And we expanded on it

Janna 8
I can see this one as a CD cover for a band.

Janna 9

Janna 10
Janna and Holmes are both incredible artists and are taking a mask making class this semester.

Janna 11

Janna 12

Janna 13

Janna 14
I handed the camera over to Holmes to get some sister shots. Can you tell who is older? :)

1 comment:

Angela said...

LOVE the action shot of Janna flinging her hair.