Saturday, March 31, 2007

A sisterly visit: cousins

More from my sister's visit! As a recap, my sister Janna and her boyfriend Holmes were visiting from Syracuse for their spring break. Among our many adventures, we visited our cute little cousins.

Janna 1
Their cat, Vanya, came out to be social for a short bit before scurrying back to the basement.

Janna 2
Seamus clenching on to mom, pretending to be shy.

Janna 3
...which of course he is not.

Janna 4
Janna playing ball with Seamus

Janna 5

Janna 6
Holmes likes having his head scratched.

Janna 7

Janna 8
Seamus in a serious moment

Janna 9
Violet was not pleased with my presence while she was creating another masterpiece.

Janna 10
It was puppet day for Violet and Seamus

Janna 11
Violet interacting with the puppet

Janna 12
I dragged Janna outside into the pretty light for a tiny shoot of her dreadlocks.


Mooers Realty said...

Super work! Stumbled on to your blog hunting for other Houlton Maine blogs...Andy Mooers

Mooers Realty said...

Good work!